TechiesEC collaborated in the new online demo of the Power Monitoring Expert v2020 Schneider Electric’s software

At the beginning of the year Techies received the invitation to collaborate in several graphics aimed at electric companies for the new demo of the Power Monitoring Expert v2020 software

Of course, our answer was yes and we are happy to be able to help with what is necessary for the demo.

There were several meetings via web, calls, sending information and in the end everything was ready based on what was required.

Techies since 2017 has been working on several projects with EcoXpert’s companies from several countries such as Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala.

Below you can see several screenshots of the Power Monitoring Expert v2020 software demo that has been online for a few days.

One-line diagram
Transmission Network diagram
Regional EUI map diagram
Wind generation diagram
Solar Generation diagram
Transformer monitoring

You can find the demo of the software Power Monitoring Expert v2020 in the next link:

Visit de demo

To obtain the credentials and enter the demo please write us a message via e-mail or answer our message at the bottom right corner.

If you are interested in a similar image or library development service for a project, let us know, We are here to help.

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Jorge Niola V.

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