TechiesEC is now a Registered Technology Partner of Schneider Electric

On the way to becoming a technology solutions company around the world, this was a step that we had to take a long time ago, in good time we are doing it.

The Schneider Electric technology partner program is something that we have always wanted, having the possibility of working on solutions, innovating together with the global specialist in energy management is something that could only be fulfilled in dreams.

As the dream came true, TechiesEC is now officially a registered Technology Partner and our next step will be to become Certified.

We have several projects on our roadmap and thanks to this new certification we will be able to start working on them.

We look forward to developing applications that are used by all EcoXperts.

For now, we will continue on our way and in advance we thank all the EcoXpert’s who have trusted us for the graphic development of libraries, modeling and illustrations.

This is just the beginning of the journey.

TechiesEC – We are here to help.

Jorge Niola
CEO – TechiesEC

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