How to use the full graphic potential of the Schneider Electric’s Ecostruxure platforms

In solutions there is not a single way to carry out a project, our CEO Jorge Niola with more than 10 years working on graphical interfaces for clients from several countries wrote this to share a little his experience in the development of projects of the EcoStruxure solution of Schneider Electric.

  • Understand the client
  • It’s not a traditional webpage
  • Look for all available space
  • Use Good quality images
  • Think in layers
  • Symmetry is important
  • Time is money

Understand the client.

  • Always have a meeting to understand the critical variables of the system. •Understand which things are “nice-to-have” & which one “must-have”.
  • Maybe the final client doesn’t have a clear “must-have” variables, so we need to do a simulation of what they do day by day.
  • Don’t assume all the clients need the same variables.
  • Most of the times you’ll need to talk with operators, the ones that take measurements by hand and in paper.
  • Knowing the variables, now we need to organize all in different types of graphics, our goal is to condensate in the less graphics possible.

It’s not a traditional webpage

  • The first webpages were made years ago, and they exaggerate the use of links and sub-menus.
  • In the Edge control software, we have the same possibilities of links to go from one diagram to another.
  • Today, having less clicks is better, we are in the days of immediate info and we must design like this.

Look for all available space

  • Carry out an analysis of the screen sizes where the system will be used, find the average dimension to avoid visualization problems.
  • This task Will take a lot of time if you don’t have all the tools required.
  • We have an image that you could use as a background and you can see and identify very fast the available space.
We can send this image for free just ask via email here

Use Good quality images

  • Most of the time we focus in how to do an integration, learn a new protocol or make a complex Wireless communication and the graphical view is the least part we take care.
  • A good presentation will lead the executed project to be a success story.
In the left:
In the Right:

We have a free library with enhanced elements in different dimensions, download for free here

Think in layers

  • There are tons of graphics but that doesn’t mean that they must be in the same layer.
  • Place a good quality image, background 3D modeling then add the data layer.
  • The data layer should have symmetry, it should have boxes of suitable colors so that the presentation is more pleasing to the eye.
  • Remember that these screens are for monitoring and control, so it is fine to have a concentration of data but this must be done in an organized way.

Symmetry is important

  • If it is possible, look for a symmetry in the  design.
  • Find a way to distribute the names aligned vertical and horizontal.
  • Symmetry will help to better understand the diagrams

Time is money

  • Having an Engineer spending hours with complex graphics is not cost-efficient.
  • One of the ways to improve the project’s margin is to implement it in the shortest possible time.
  • The EcoStruxure specialist must be focus in the integration and communication, KPI’s.
  • Trust the work of TechiesEC so that the graphic environment of your project is world class

Types of graphics:

Benefits of Schneider Electric’s Edge control software.

  • All the solutions has an advanced way to show graphics.
  • Using flags will show status.
  • Using scales will help to understand how critical is.
  • By using the full potential of the programs, we should be able to understand the situation with a few clicks.

If you want to know more about our services feel free to write us, we will be more than happy to share our experience.

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